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Discover Total Fitout’s array of services tailored to enhance the living experience for tenants throughout Ireland. From start to finish, we collaborate closely with our clients, serving as dedicated partners on every project. Our proficiency lies in designing and installing fit-outs that seamlessly integrate creativity and durability, placing our clients’ vision and tenants’ needs at the forefront. At Total Fitout, our commitment is to create spaces that surpass expectations, ensuring an exceptional living environment for all.

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Industry Knowledge

We comprehend the distinctive needs of your project development.

Commercial Expertise

Our wealth of commercial experience enhances our approach to situations from a business perspective.


We strategically plan for design, delivery, and installation, by calculating in reverse, starting from the due date.


We guarantee the fulfillment of all program and design requirements.

Thoughtful design

We generate designs tailored to the specific requirements of the project.


We carry out the delivery in cooperation with the main contractor to guarantee seamless operations on construction sites.


We coordinate our installation of the fit-out with the main contractor.

Visual Content

We provide comprehensive styling and photography services, ensuring that your properties are presented with the utmost visual appeal.



Our Design team collaborates closely with clients, engaging from the initial tender phase to the project’s completion and handover. We meticulously consider each client’s unique requirements, tailoring a bespoke fit-out that aligns seamlessly with the development and client brand. Our design team presents mood boards and individual furniture design specifications, along with samples of finishes and fabrics. Furthermore, we offer detailed furniture layout drawings for each unit, complemented by a comprehensive inventory.

Once the design receives final approval, we offer clients a 3D render and CGI walkthrough, allowing them to showcase their project in the market even before its completion. Throughout the fit-out process, our design team maintains a strong on-site presence, overseeing the placement of furniture, lighting, and artwork to ensure the highest level of finish and quality.

Total Fitout’s design process is a comprehensive and client-centric approach that spans from the initial concept to project completion.

01. Initial Consultation:

Total Fitout commences the process with a thorough consultation to understand the client’s vision, requirements, and project goals. This consultation forms the basis for the entire design process.

02. Bespoke Design Development:

Our dedicated design team collaborates closely with the client to craft a customised fit-out solution that aligns with the specific needs and branding of the development. This includes considerations for functionality, aesthetics, and budget constraints.

03. Moodboards and Furniture Specifications:

Total Fitout provides clients with mood boards and detailed furniture design specifications, offering a visual representation of the proposed design direction, aiding clients in visualising the final outcome.

04. Material and Finish Samples:

The design team offers samples of finishes and fabrics, enabling clients to select materials that match their desired aesthetic and quality standards.

05. Furniture Layout Drawings:

Total Fitout creates comprehensive furniture layout drawings for each unit or space within the project. These drawings assist in planning the arrangement of furniture to maximise functionality and visual appeal.

06. Inventory:

Clients receive a full inventory of all furniture and related items included in the project, ensuring transparency and control over the components.

07. 3D Renderings and CGI Walkthrough:

Once the design is finalised, Total Fitout offers clients 3D renderings and CGI walkthroughs. This technology allows clients to experience and market the project before it’s completed, providing valuable insights and marketing material.

08. On-Site Supervision:

During the actual fit-out process, Total Fitout’s design team maintains a strong on-site presence. We oversee the placement of furniture, lighting, and artwork, ensuring that the project’s design vision is executed with the utmost attention to detail and quality.

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Our commitment to excellence is showcased not only in our words but, more importantly, in our projects. Curious to witness the transformative power of Total Fitout in action? Step into our Projects Portfolio—a curated collection of success stories that highlight our dedication to design, quality, and innovation.

Here, each project unfolds as a testament to our prowess in design innovation, meticulous execution, and a passion for exceeding expectations. Take a glimpse into the diverse range of spaces we’ve transformed, showcasing the artistry and attention to detail that define Total Fitout.

Your journey through our portfolio is not just a visual experience—it’s an exploration of possibilities.

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