Student Living

At Total Fitout we have apartment outfitting down to a fine art. Our interior designers conceive and develop each design so that there is no apartment two developments the same and we guarantee that your design is unique to your company and development.

Our team scrutinise the logistics so that delivery seamless. Our project management team plan, procure and deliver each item and component so that the agreed deadlines are met and the quality is nothing less than perfect.

We understand that our customers require us to deliver every apartment on the day we programme so that your rents commence and your assets perform exactly as per your projections. We are a true partner in apartment fit out delivery and we pride ourselves in our reputation for meticulous attention to detail.


Edward Square

Edwards Square is situated at the heart of Galway’s thriving city centre and caters for students from both the National University of Ireland, Galway and Galway-Mayo Institute of technology.

Marino Institute of Education Student Residence

Marino Student Accommodation is a 302-bed across 76 units, property located in the heart of Dublin city making it the perfect base for students studying at any of the city’s institutions.


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